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The Majestic Amethyst is a stunning piece of natural crystal, perfect for adding sparkle to your home. Its beautiful purple hue is a reminder of royalty and power. The Amethyst crystal is a symbol of wisdom and courage, helping to bring clarity and positivity to all who experience its beauty.

Weight of about .5 lb - 1.5 lb.

Size about 3" - 5" Tall, 2.5" - 4" Wide and 2" - 4" thick.

Please note that dimensions provided are approximate due to the natural variation in these items, and the item is sold by weight, which may result in slight variances from one item to another. The crystals depicted are for illustrative purposes to showcase the range of appearances. While the supplied crystals will be very similar, they may not be identical. The images posted serve as a representation of the typical assortment of sizes, colors, and shapes that are available.


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