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Experience the magnificence of large Banded Carnelian natural hand-polished stones sourced from Madagascar. Crafted to premium quality, these stones boast a stunning array of colors, ranging from pristine white to deep burnt orange, rusty browns, and vibrant reds, with sizes averaging between approximately 1.25" to 2"+/-. The exceptionally smooth and glossy texture of these hand-polished extra-grade stones makes them an exceptional addition to any collection – you won't be able to resist their tactile allure.

Carnelian, forever intertwined with the Sacral Chakra, exudes its potent energies. Elevate your physical vitality and nurture your mental resilience with this empowering stone. Its ability to anchor you in the present moment, fostering a focus on today's reality rather than past adversities, makes Carnelian an indispensable ally.

Please note that the stones depicted are for illustrative purposes, as the inherent nature of these items leads to slight variations from one piece to another. While the stones provided will exhibit similarities, they may not be identical.


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