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Crafted from exquisite high-quality Green Amazonite, these polished stones have been skillfully shaped into charming puffed hearts, each measuring around 1.75" and beyond. Renowned for their serene and soothing attributes, Amazonite stones possess the remarkable ability to dissolve stress and instill tranquility. Serving as potent energy filters, they adeptly ward off negativity while amplifying positive vibrations. Amazonite's resonance with the Throat Chakra renders it a valuable aid in addressing physical ailments, emotional imbalances, chakra alignment, stress management, traumas, and aura restoration.

Please anticipate variations in shade, as this is a natural product, best illustrated through the color variances evident in the provided images. With every heart being a unique creation, expect delightful distinctions in size and shape from piece to piece.

About Crystal Hearts: These Crystal Hearts are masterfully carved from a diverse spectrum of minerals, crystals, and gemstones hailing from nature, along with a select few created by man (like Opalite, Goldstone, and others). Their significance goes beyond relationships, encompassing self-love and well-being. Whether placed at home, work, or carried throughout your day, the mere presence of these hearts and the energy they emit can uplift your spirits. Ideal for chakra alignment and meditation, crystal hearts empower you to center your emotions and thoughts, invoking a sense of serenity and composure that contributes to your overall healing journey.

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